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Symposium Talent

DECADES OF Experience

Symposium Talent Contest is a Midwest based dance competition that has been hosting events for 40 years. Symposium’s Directors, Carrie and Tyler Haydon are sensitive to the needs of dancers, dance teachers, future professional performers and parents alike because they have filled all of those roles themselves.

For over two decades, both Carrie and Tyler have been handing down their craft to young performers and now they feel very fortunate to lead an organization in the dance industry that carries the long reputation for integrity that Symposium does.  The Haydons believe in tradition, and hope to reach and surpass the high standards that have been set by its previous owners and Directors.  

Our contests are about enjoying weekends of dance and providing a positive, uplifting environment that fosters forward growth in young dancers not only as artists, but people as well.

The Symposium Talent Contest judging pool is comprised of dance teachers/studio owners, and working industry professionals who also have years of teaching experience. Carrie and Tyler believe that dance teachers and studio owners make the best judges. These experienced professionals understand and appreciate the journey that the teacher/choreographer and dancers have been on, leading them to their performance. Symposium uses a panel of three judges who all complete a video critique and digital score sheet for each routine.

The Symposium backstage and support staff are understanding of and educated in backstage etiquette, protocol and management, as they too have been immersed in the dance world for many years.  At Symposium we strive to promote age appropriate music selections, costumes and choreography. We thank you for letting your dancers shine in a manner which is respectful of their age.